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18k gold twist band ring with Australian opal

Another lot of these stunning 18k gold twist band rings set with hand selected Australian opal gemstones is now in stock. Metal Studio made a few of these at the end of 2016 and they sold out very quickly. These make a perfect alternative engagement ring for couples that are looking for a piece of jewelry that is both unique and hand made and represents their love. These stunning rings wont last long so come by Metal Studio Jewelry in Chaing Mai and have a look. We can do sizing on all rings so if you find the perfect ring but its not the right size please just let us know and we can do a custom sizing. 


The final product is a pendant that is crafted from 22k gold with gemstone set to represent each of the family members. Boom also added a few small diamonds set into droplets of gold in order to fill out the pendant and create a more unique and uniform design on the final piece of jewelry. 


A while back a close friend asked Boom to craft a necklace that would be given to his wife to celebrate the birth of their second daughter. Boom came up with the idea that the family could be represented by birthstones set into stunning solid 22k gold settings. Boom individually selected each of the gemstones that would go into the necklace. She then made a trip to her gold supplier and purchased a large bar of pure 24k gold. Generally Metal Studio does not work with 24k gold because it is too soft for long wearing jewelry. Boom melted the bar down and mixed it with trace hardening metals in order to come up with 22k gold for the final gemstone settings and wire for the necklace. 


This was a fun ring requested by a customer recently. The gemstone was brought into Metal Studio by a customer that wanted to have it set in silver. It was a huge gemstone with oddly shaped ends so Boom thought that a large bezel setting was what would be in order. The design features highly textured silver that has been deeply oxidized to give a very industrial looking piece of jewelry. 

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