Metal Studio Jewelry ~ Handcrafted Silver Jewelry ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand

Metal Studio Jewelry ~ Handcrafted Silver Jewelry ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand


Metal Studio Jewelry Chiang Mai

By Sirilak Samanasak

Since 2010

Hand crafted contemporary silver and gemstone jewelry.
Each piece of jewelry in the shop is hand crafted by Sirilak Samanasak using a variety of metals and precious stones. Common materials include silver, brass, gold, bronze and vermeil. We have a wide range of gemstones in stock including opal, druzy, ruby, sapphire, labradorite and rainbow moonstone. In the studio, silver and gold are seamlessly mated to the precious and semi precious gemstones to create stunning works of wearable jewelry art. 

All jewelry is hand crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Metal Studio Jewelry Concept.

Metal Studio Jewelry was started by Sirilak Samanasak as a way to share her hand crafted jewelry designs with the public. The studio is not a typical jewelry shop, it is a gallery of wearable art crafted from various metals including gold, brass, silver and combined with precious and semi precious stones. The artisan jewelry that is displayed in the studio can be purchased but you are more than welcome to come in and take a look at how things work and how this type of jewelry is made even if you are not necessarily looking for a piece of jewelry. Sirilak Samanasak will be more than happy to show you around and show you the process behind making the jewelry when she is in the shop. 

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Chiang Moi ~ Main Branch


Monday-Fri                  9:30am - 5:00pm        

Sat                               9:30am - 5:00pm  

Sun                              Closed

Private consultation with Sirilak Samanasak is also possible if you are looking for custom jewelry or wholesale jewellery orders. Please click the link below if you would like to set up a consultation with Sirilak. 

For private consultation, please contact us directly.


Metal Studio Jewelry (Flagship Store and Studio)

237 Chang Moi Road, Chang moi

Muang Chiang Mai, 50300

Phone: 053 214 806

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