Metal Studio Jewelry ~ Handcrafted Silver Jewelry ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand

Metal Studio Jewelry ~ Handcrafted Silver Jewelry ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand


Custom Jewelry

Custom Designed Jewelry 

In addition to our own in house designs we also specialize in creating hand crafted jewelry and bringing your own design ideas to life. Whether you are looking to have your own gemstones set into a piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift, create a custom made engagement ring or wedding set or looking to have a gift that is a unique expression of your personality we are happy to work with you to make your designs come to life. 

The process of custom design

  • Contact us by email and explain the design you have in mind
  • We will discuss details or set up an in person appointment
  • The design will be finalized with Boom and a price quote will be made*
  • A deposit will be paid** 50% for silver work 100% for gold work
  • The piece will be started 
  • Typically a 2 week turnaround is expected for custom jewelry orders

*Please note that custom jewelry is not an exact science. While we are very accurate in our quotes sometimes the final price might be higher than expected. This usually takes the form of additional materials (gold or gemstones) and will increase the final value of the jewelry as well.

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Scroll down to see examples of custom designed jewelry pieces that Metal Studio Jewelry has produced. 

Custom engagement ring and wedding bands

Custom designed wedding jewelry is one of our most popular requests. Chiang Mai is an idyllic and romantic place to holiday. We have many requests to design and craft a set of custom wedding rings and wedding bands. Often we are able to design and produce your wedding ring design during your stay in Chiang Mai. 

This custom engagement ring and wedding band set is crafted from hammered 22k gold and set with a beautiful diamond.

Gold Bolo Tie Design

This design was commissioned by a client and a friend who asked for a bolo tie. Boom was given complete freedom of design outside of the desire to have a bolo tie. The design is crafted from 22k gold in the form of a rhinoceros beetle common in Northern Thailand. The wings of the betel are inspired by ancient Egyptian gold jewelry that was often in the shape of scarab beetles. The body of the beetle is a stunning hand selected labradorite gemstone. A silver snake chain was used in place of more traditional leather bolos. The whole piece is finished off with a pair of solid gold dangles. 

Sukothai Bullet coin with set diamond and turquoise chain
Sukothai Bullet coin with set diamond and turquoise chain

Siamese Bullet Coin Pendant with Diamonds and Turquoise

This is a commissioned piece. Sirilak was given the freedom to make create any design she wished for an exquisite piece of jewelery. The inspiration behind this piece was a Sukothai bullet coin from the 13th century. These coins were often used as a form of dowery and as this item was commissioned as a gift to a loved one, the history of giving these coins at the time of a wedding and as the symbolic sealing of love between two people was appropriate. The bullet coin was left nearly untouched in structure but a thick plating of 24k gold was used around the outside edge of the coin. Small diamonds were set into the back of the coin and a show piece diamond was set into the coin that would be visible from the front when wearing the piece. The only request that was made when this item was commissioned was that turquoise was used somewhere in the item. The pendant was strung from a lines of multiple hand carved turquoise beads. The effect that this piece creates is one of elegance and grace. 

Sukothai bullet coin necklace plated in gold and set with diamonds
Sukothai bullet coin necklace plated in gold and set with diamonds